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ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech

Our team, fueled by profound expertise and cutting-edge technology, passionately seeks to unlock new possibilities in the education sector. We believe that the challenges we undertake not only transform education but also contribute to innovation across other industries.

Insights in the education sector, evolving prediction and optimization through AI algorithms


Many of the current education models were created in an era without internet access, with the premise of ensuring equal educational opportunities. These educational models are systematic, based on efficient operations and education, enabling everyone to receive the same education and following systematic lesson plans.

However, for those who do not adapt well to this systematic structure, it may not be an ideal arrangement, and this holds true for both educators and learners. In response to such challenges, the approach to solving them has evolved into aiming for "building a system of educational opportunities that is not uniform." This approach has led to the development of algorithms.

Currently, we are operationalizing applications utilizing these algorithms in the Chinese market, concurrently conducting evaluation analyses on individual optimization approaches. Additionally, we engage in joint research and development projects with players in the education sector, providing support for solving common challenges faced by the education sector and creating future educational experiences for each research and development partner.

The Challenges of the Kawaijuku Group


ClassDo Pte Ltd is an EdTech company based in Singapore, developing the tool ClassDo, enabling learner-centered "interactive" classes easily.

Through ClassDo, the company acquires extensive learning behavioral data and conducts cutting-edge research on future individually optimized learning.

In collaboration with arsen as its AI algorithm alliance partner, the company is conducting research to visualize non-cognitive abilities from learning behavioral data.

Moreover, by utilizing ClassDo and arsen's algorithms in various fields within Japanese educational institutions and educational service providers, it contributes to the construction of a new era of educational models that go beyond existing models such as group lessons, individual guidance, and standardized curricula. This new model aims to achieve autonomous and self-regulated learning.

arsen is actively seeking passionate alliance partners to join this initiative.


Kawaijuku Group

arsen is a part of the Kawaijuku Group.

The Kawaijuku Group engages in collaborative research and development by leveraging group resources to update the educational framework.

The number of students in the Kawai Juku Group (as of March 31, 2023).


The number of Kawaijuku Group campuses and classrooms (as of December 1, 2022).


The annual total number of examinees for the Zentomoshi, the largest-scale nationwide mock exam(as of December 1, 2023).


The number of faculty and staff in the Kawaijuku Group(as of December 1, 2023).


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Partners & Development Results


The rapid changes in the market environment, the ability to assess feasibility more quickly through collaboration than solo efforts, challenges in securing AI developers and data scientists, the scarcity of precedents, and high levels of complexity have led to an increasing demand for collaborative research and development.

We, through collaborative research and development, evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of approaches to address new ideas and challenges. Successful execution of collaborative research and development demands rich experience in project leadership, profound expertise, passion, technical prowess, curiosity, and comprehensive visionary and execution capabilities with a focus on commercialization.

arsen assembles the optimal team for collaborative research and development themes and their subsequent business themes.

Collaborative Research and Development

We leverage advanced research in fields such as educational psychology and educational technology, combined with the latest AI and algorithmic technologies, to collaborate with educational institutions and service providers. Together, we work towards solving challenges and create a flow that applies the developed AI algorithms to other industries.

The system crafted in the education sector contributes to society

Collaborative Research and Development (PoC)

We will establish joint research and development teams with educational institutions and education service providers. Depending on the research and development themes, we will form teams that include professionals such as educators, educational psychologists, and neuroscientists, leveraging each individual's strengths.

We will not solely rely on theory, and our discussions will extend beyond idealistic debates. With a focus on practical application in educational settings, we will set goals and iterate Proof of Concept (PoC) cycles every 2-3 months. Through this approach, we aim to collaboratively create successful scenarios.

Applied AI Algorithms

We strive to apply our researched and developed AI algorithms to meet your individual requirements.

Our AI algorithm research and development experts are available for collaboration through two distinct models: 'Lab-Type Development,' where they can function as an extension of your in-house development team, and the conventional 'Contract Development.'

By assembling a team that combines the professional expertise of your company with arsen's specialized knowledge in AI algorithms, we establish a structure that leverages the strengths of each party.

Supporting Business Operationalization

After developing AI algorithms in collaboration with various companies and conducting joint research and development (PoC), we anticipate new business opportunities and ongoing mutually beneficial relationships with arsen. In cases where strategic alliances or partnerships are feasible, we are ready to support the commercialization.

Furthermore, we prioritize hands-on collaboration, such as joint ventures, and assist in formulating and executing market entry strategies for challenging regions like China and Vietnam with stringent foreign regulations.

arsen's business overview

Since its establishment in 2000, we have been expanding our IT services, consulting, and advertising businesses specialized in higher education institutions in Japan. In 2011, we integrated Kawaijuku KALS, which offers schools for university students and working professionals. Currently, we have established arsen to focus on algorithm, AI, and application development.

KEI Advanced, Inc.


Established in April 2022 as a research and development hub for algorithms and AI. Responsible for data science, AI research and development, and application development for collaborative research and development projects in Japan, as well as individual development projects.

ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Ho Chi Minh City

Established in March 2021, we specialize in algorithm, AI, and application license management, intellectual property management, and information consulting services.

We also conduct research and investigations into education business models utilizing cutting-edge technology in China.

Shanghai ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech Co., Ltd.


ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech

KEI Advanced, Inc.Tokyo Annex OfficeKakimi Kohjimachi Building, 7th floor 3-2-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083

ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd.

9th floor, TNR Building, No. 180-192 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Shanghai Arsen Kawaijuku Tech Co., Ltd.
Postal Code: 200131
323 Sanlian Building, 8 Huajing Road, Free Trade Zone, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China


Social Implementation of Research and Development Achievements

Our team, driven by profound expertise and cutting-edge technology, is passionately committed to introducing new possibilities into the education sector. We bring this commitment to contribute to other industries through the challenges we undertake. Leveraging advanced research in fields such as educational psychology and educational technology, and harnessing the latest AI algorithms and applications, we collaborate with educational institutions and service providers to address challenges. Through this, we create a flow that applies the developed AI algorithms to other industries.


Bringing together experts, innovating offshore development

In the current challenging landscape of securing advanced AI and data science talent, we offer dedicated research and development teams for Japanese businesses facing talent acquisition issues.

With this approach, our clients can utilize the research and development team as if it were their own, allowing flexible adaptations to changing requirements. Naturally, we will also assign a dedicated team for the operation and maintenance of the developed AI algorithms.

On the other hand, for businesses that prefer traditional outsourcing contracts, we provide contract development services. In this scenario, requirements can be defined through a quasi-delegation contract, and development can proceed through a subcontracting contract, with phased contracts also possible.

These services are managed through arsen's local subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City, but we also offer the option to provide project managers and bridge engineers proficient in Japanese.


Transforming service development, generating the future with creative AI

With the evolution of innovative technologies, a different approach to service development has become possible.

For instance, an original chat service utilizing generative AI. The combination of robust cloud computing resources and generative AI eliminates the need for development from scratch, allowing the prototype to be operational from the outset.

In the context of educational institutions, consider the repetitive student support tasks that occur every year. Generative AI chat provides 24/7 support, offering scalable services that can be rapidly implemented, particularly for tasks with seasonal fluctuations.

Moreover, by integrating text and voice through these chat interfaces, insights such as when, who, and what kind of information is desired can be analyzed. This enables a connection to sustained customer support activities.

These technologies are applicable across all industries, and the integration of technology brings about a transformation in service development.


Unlocking New Frontiers in Visualization and Prediction, Unveiling the Fascination of Data

The data held varies between organizations, even if they appear to be similar. There are often differences in meaning or variations in data format and attributes, even when it seems they share a resemblance.

Drawing on our extensive experience handling data from numerous educational institutions and service providers, arsen understands the significance of accommodating both the similarities and differences in data. To achieve data visualization, we have developed optimized libraries.

Additionally, by combining advanced data science with Business Intelligence (BI) tools, we swiftly realize visualizations, including correlations and predictions for each dataset. This approach not only ensures speed but also controls development investments effectively.


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